I believe every one of us has a purpose and to what extent we uncover what it is and live in alignment with it, will determine the level of happiness and fulfilment you experience in your life. 

The Soul Society has been created to help make that a reality for you.

I launched this site called 'Got Soul', with the aim of helping others make better decisions in their everyday lives. I wanted to make this happen through the sharing of interviews and product reviews of people and businesses I felt were living true to who they are.

Since then it has evolved into a wonderful community of likeminded people all wanting to experience the most of what life has to offer, hence the new name The Soul Society.

I feel that this encapsulates more of being a part of something special and meaningful. It will also open the door to feature more inspiring stories of those who are shinning examples of living a balanced, on-purpose life, all with aim of helping you to do so too.

If you haven’t already I’d love for you to join the Soul Circle, follow our journey on social media and if you're if you'd like to find out anything further about The Soul Society you can contact us below.


Luke McLeod - Founder of The Soul Society 


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