There’s a movement happening. 

A shift in how people are spending their money. It’s not enough anymore to be the cheapest, the biggest or the best. There’s plenty of that around now.
People want something they can connect with, be a part of, something that is aligned with their values and lifestyle. Their Soul. 

The Soul Certification is the first and only of its kind to recognise brands that are built around the Three Soul Standards.


Have a clear social purpose/cause aligned with the business’s core objectives.



Uphold the highest level of quality in all aspects of the business’s processes and practices. This includes quality of suppliers/partners, materials sourced and used in product/s, manufacturing & distribution processes, marketing & branding and customer service.


Demonstrate the highest level of care for i) Their employees ii) The community and iii) The environment.



How can Soul Certification benefit my business?


Become Part of a Movement

Once certified, your business becomes part of the exclusive Soul Circle where you’ll meet and network with other Soul Certified companies and leading industry experts.
Attend monthly Soul business events and workshops, receive recognition in the Annual Soul Awards, and have exclusive access to an evolving pool of business resources.


More Raving Fans

Over ¾ of consumers would be more open to buying ethical brands if better information was available detailing the company's positive impacts. The Soul Stamp shows consumers instantly that your business adopts ethical standards that are becoming more and more influential in today’s buying behaviours.

Greater Coverage & Credibility

Got Soul has a loyal and engaged community who recognise Soul Certified companies as ones to trust and support. Your products will receive priority promotion and engagement with our audience.
Use the Soul Symbol in your own marketing and branding to build credibility and market positioning too.


Who is Soul Certification for?

The Soul Certification is primarily for businesses in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Fashion, Home Interiors and other product-based markets.

Here are some of our inaugural Soul Certified Superstars...

DSC_3324 copy.jpg


How can I attain the Soul Certification?


Simple. If you've read the above standards and feel that your business adheres to and believes in them, fill out the following form and we'll be in touch shortly