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Discover your Soul's Purpose



  • Looking for meaning in your life?
  • Always a little anxious & unsettled?
  • Wanting to live life on your terms?
Luke’s influence in the development of my life has been dramatic
— Jacky Peale

The Journey

Week one - THE JUMP

There's a quote that says that Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I believe this to be true.

In week one we will confront some uncomfortable truths that may be difficult to deal with, but necessary.

Don't worry though, you will be given all the tools and support to make this jump.



The climb begins. The formation of new powerful and purposeful beliefs and habits.

You see, we've been conditioned to conform and society will push against your new way of approaching life, 

But you're worth it and in this week we'll prove it together.


In this week you'll start to experience a transformation. A new way of looking at life.

As if a vail has been lifted from in front of you, others will begin to see you in a different light.

You will have clam sense of confidence and certainty in knowing who you are and why you're here. The journey is complete.

How we do it 

We'll be using a variety of techniques and approaches in helping you solve life's biggest questions. This will include...

  • 3 hour Awaken the Soul Orientation session

  • 3 Week Breakthrough Planner and Tracker

  • Weekly one-on-one session with your guide

  • Access to a 24/7 Private Purpose Group 

  • Guided Meditation Sessions

  • Weekly 1 hour Progress Mastermind

  • Daily purpose & reminder notifications

  • Access to Recommended Reading and Audio Resources 

  • Celebratory transformation dinner