It all started with finding a question that would make it easier to choose better.

'Has it got soul?'  

I believe this question has that ability to do such a thing. It instantly defines the nature of the proposed decision and gives a simple answer to determine the type of action taken.

However for it to become a common universal quote, I feel it requires a journey of development first.

Got Soul aims to be the beginning of such a journey. A place that colates, shares and supports those with a conscience that are using their creativity to create quality alternatives to the mass produced goods we are constantly surrounded by.

I hope Got Soul inspires you to start thinking more about the effect our everyday decisions have on the future of our world and that it becomes a source you can trust to find genuine quality alternatives that are dedicated to making a positive difference.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for soul stories/products, we'd love to hear from you. 





What if there was one question that made it easier to choose better?
Has it Got Soul?
This is Our Question. Our Brand. Our Mission. 
A place that shares and supports creative people & products that we feel answer "Yes" to this question.