we want to make it easier to choose better
by asking a simple question –
has it got soul ?

we officially open the soul door 18.06.2013 at 6:30pm
until then please feel free to join us on tw / fb/ insta



It all started with finding a question I could ask myself that would prompt me to think more about the greater effect my everyday decisions were truly having. Something that when asked could make it easier for me to choose better.

'Has it Got Soul?'  



I believe this question has that ability to do such a thing. It instantly defines the nature of the proposed decision and gives a simple answer to determine the type of action taken.

However for it to become a common universal determining question, I feel it requires a journey of development first.

Got Soul aims to be the beginning of such a journey. A place that colates, shares and supports individuals and businesses with a conscience that are using their creativity to create quality alternatives to the mass produced goods we are constantly surrounded by.

To inspire you through its Soul Stories, by thinking more about the effect our everyday decisions have on the future of our world and that it becomes a source you can trust to easily find genuine quality alternatives that are dedicated to making a positive difference.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for soul stories/products, we'd love to hear from you. 


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