The Power of Vulnerability


There's great power in vulnerability

I took me a while to understand and accept this, as growing up it was seen as a weakness to open up

I feel it is now more important than ever to let those walls down and show others the real you

Social media often doesn't tell the 'full story'. We pick out the best bits and share those. I'll admit I do this and although I really do try to inspire others to live a more balanced life, I certainly still have all the doubts, struggles and uncertainty that every person has to deal with

I have however found that life moved quicker in the direction I wanted when I shared and accepted brutal honesty. Not just with others, but particularly with myself

It doesn't have to happen on social media (although I do think when done with the intention to serve and help others it can be very powerful) but when it does happen, I mean when you really just 'tell it how it is' it's like a chain releases from your ankle allowing you to run that little faster to achieve your goals

Have you got something that's weighing you down? Open it up and get it out. We will accept it and respect you even more