Practise being more You

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I see the 'better' trap happening all the time in business, music, sports and even with myself, where what originally lead to the success was following who we are.

Then we get into this world of 'I've gotta do/be better now' so we start to look at what else is popular and 'working'.

By all means we should always continue to read, learn and research. But then the crucial part comes in running it through the 'internal gut filter'.

If it doesn't sit well, don't do it. If it does and makes your soul sing, then take action.

This can often be really hard to follow as the 'better' option can be very attractive.

From my own experience when I've chosen the 'better' option knowing it didn't quite sit well with me, it has eventually lead to unfulfilment.

Where as when I followed and listened to who I am, even if that meant temporary pain, it has lead to happiness 😊

Practise being you ✌🏼️