Is sitting on the Fence such a bad thing after all?


Why do we always have to choose a side? And if you don't, you're then seen as lacking conviction or commitment. You aren't willing to take a stand for something?

I'm tired of all the segregation. The constant us vs them. You're either with us or against us.
Choose a religion. Choose a political party. Him or her? Black or white??

I tell you what I choose. What I stand up for with conviction.

I choose the ALL inclusive option.

I choose to sit on that fence!

Because you know what?? While everyone's down there defending their point of views, debating why they're right and those over there that aren't. I'll be sitting up here enjoying the view of both sides thanks. The east and the west. The sunrise and the sunset.

Nature doesn't choose sides, it just accepts what is and moves towards what works and for anything to truly organically work it needs the right balance of opposites.

Whether that's sunlight and sleep or water and food or heat and cooling. You push one side too much, the balance slips and that's when things start to go wrong.

Why can't our thinking and choices be more like this?

Will the consciousness of the majority evolve to a point where what we choose is the wholistic option? Not one or the other. Just All?

I don't know. For now though I'm just going to keep on enjoying this 360 view ✌🏼️