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Brittany and Rebecca have known each other since the age of five. They lived around the corner from each other, went to the same school and have always loved vintage fashion (raiding their grandmas' wardrobes to play dress-ups). However, it wasn't until after they had graduated from uni (Brit studied communications and Bec studied design) and worked for a couple of years for different multinational companies, that they decided to leave the corporate world and combine their new learned skills and experience — along with their mutual long lasting love for vintage fashion — to create BOST. A vintage fashion brand, their website describes itself as 'a destination for those that want to do their own their own thang!' Something that they are indeed doing... 

Got Soul - I heard the BOST Pop-ups are quite the event. What makes BOST Pop-Ups so different?

Bec - A lot people when they hear the term 'Pop-up' they think of a warehouse sale. Where what we're doing couldn't be any further from that. A BOST Pop-up is a small creative space where you can expect to find high quality hand-picked vintage fashion from all around the world.

Brit - We want to create a fashion experience, not just a retail outlet, and that those who come to a BOST Pop-up to feel like they're getting lost in a world of fashion and fun.

Got Soul - So how do you create that atmosphere? 

Bec - Technology is a big part of it. For example, we set up these multimedia stations where you can select your own personal type of music genre and then once you start listening to the music, a slideshow begins of different (fashion) pieces that fit that particular type of music.  

Brit - We also bring in our own furniture and try to be as creative a possible with different props and spaces. Plus we have a DJ come in for the day and a set up a bar so if people just want to hang out with a beer and chat, they can. 

Got Soul - It sounds a little like a modern day Alice in Wonderland party?

Brit - Hahaha we'll take that as a compliment!  

It's not enough anymore to just go into a store and look at clothes. People want more than that. They want a level of engagement and excitement. 

That's the reason why everyone's going online to shop, because no-one's offering what they want off-line.

Got Soul - So you think it's more about engagement rather than cost? 

Brit - Cost is obviously a reason too. However we don't think it's the main reason. People want things that are unique and know that not everyone down the street is going to be wearing the same thing. That's why online is great, because you can buy something from some overseas boutique that you can't get in the shops over here. But if you can solve that problem in a face-to-face setting then we think people we will come and support that.

Bec - and that's the beauty with vintage fashion too. You're not only getting a one-of-a-kind piece that no-one else is wearing but that it is also really affordable. You don't have to blow your entire pay cheque on one peice of clothing that everyone else is already wearing. 


I know some people might think of vintage clothes as being a bit 'daggy' or not as good quality as new clothes. 

Brit - I think that couldn't be further from the truth. Vintage is all about embracing your own style and being comfortable with who you are. Not trying to be somebody else and fit in. 

Bec - Quality-wise, vintage clothes are made so much better than the mass produced stuff you get at the department stores these days. We're losing the quality in the clothes that are made in today's fast fashion. 

In fifty years there won't be such a thing as vintage fashion, because everything that is made now won't survive another ten years, let along fifty.

That's an interesting point. When you started BOST, was supporting sustainability an important part of what you wanted to create?

Brit - We're very conscious of how much trending fashion is hurting the environment and although we don't overtly promote the fact about being sustainable, it certainly is front of mind for us. 

Bec - I suppose we're lucky in a way that what we're passionate about (vintage fashion) is also a good cause to promoting sustainability.
So what's next?
Bec - We're looking into more partnerships with different cafes and bars and how we engage with the community more...
Brit - And how it works beneficially for both us and them and start to capture data around that. So when we approach other cafes/bars we've got some great facts into what they get out of it too.
Bec - Our online shop is also now up and fully functional, so if you can't make it to one of our pop-ups you can head straight to the website and buy directly from there.

Awesome! Thanks so much for the chat, I'll be keeping an eye out for the Mad Hatter at the next Pop-up.

Next BOST Ltd Pop-Up (Miami Vice Theme) -
Saturday, 14th Sept @ Berrins Gallery Manly  

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