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Carlie has always been quite the traveller, however it wasn't until a trip to the Himalayas that she found her inspiration to take that leap of faith and start Indigo Bazaar, an online shop that stocks a range of ethical fashion brands that are affordable, stylish and high in quality.

Our conversation delves straight into the mixed perception the term 'ethical fashion' has and how, although most people are very supportive when it comes to talking about it, there's still a hesitation to actually take out the purse/wallet and making a purchase. We humorously settle on the fact that we can thank our hippie parents' generation of 'tie-dye' and 'rainbows' for this.

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However, today 'ethical fashion' couldn't be any further away from this stereotype. In fact, it's becoming big business on the chic catwalks of the high fashion capitals, Paris and New York, both now hosting annual 'green' fashion shows. Carlie is on a mission to make this happen in Australia too.

 "Myself and a handful of others are really trying to make a 'Green Fashion Show' a reality here is Sydney & Melbourne." 


Indigo Bazaar - ethical fashion

One step that will certainly help Carlie with this aspiration is being listed as one of the 500 Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship members, for Indigo Bazaar's work on best practice in the curation, marketing and sale of sustainable fashion through a multi brand platform. A honour she recognises modestly..

 "I was just thankful to be considered one of those who are trying to make a positive difference to the fashion industry."


indifo bazaar

Carlie admits it hasn't all been smooth sailing though. Her flair for risk taking and 'just give it a go' characteristics have maybe once or twice stretched the cash flow. But she insists that she needed to experience those moments to realise the importance of surrounding yourself with people who possess skills complementary to yours.

"When someone offers you help, take it. Especially if it's in area that you know isn't your strongest."

With an updated website to enhance the shopping experience on the cards, along with launching her own line under the Indigo Bazaar name, the future looks bright for Carlie and Indigo Bazaar. I'm also sure it won't be long before we see "Green Fashion Week comes to Australia" in the media headlines with Carlie's beaming smile directly underneath.


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Head on over to Indigo Bazaar to take a browse through the online shop. 

Carlie also currently has a Pop-Up shop at 12-14 Lawrence St, Freshwater, NSW where she has collaborated with other local 'soulful' fashion labels.

And be sure to follow Indigo Bazar on Facebook Page   and Instagram @indigobazaarxcarlieballard  as well