Top 5 Jeans with Soul

1. Nobody

Kicking things off with our very own Australian made and owned label, Nobody. Started in the back streets of Melbourne in 1999, Nobody has stayed true their roots and values of integrity and creativity. Sourcing the highest quality and most durable denim, they look good and are made to last. Aussie Pride!

2. Gaolhouse 

As the name suggests, these jeans where actually co-design and developed with prisoners in the UK. They have developed a number of relationships with gaols across the UK to increase motivation, encourage prisoner collaboration and teach skills that will ultimately increase their employability on release. Only a mens range is available at the moment, however they do have plans to introduce a female line soon.

3. Nudie

The Dutch not only have great style but they're always leading the way in ethical fashion. Everything they do is based around their 4 R core values;  Responsible, Repair, Reuse & Recycle. They have a dedicated organic denim line and pride themselves on being completely honest and transparent with the production cycle and materials used to make their jeans, hence the name Nudie. 

4. Hiut

The small town of Cardigan in central Wales once had a factory that made jeans employing 400 of the local community, however closed down 24years ago as they couldn't compete with the cheaper jeans that being made and imported from China. Therefore, a couple decided to reclaim this forgotten factory and begin to start making well-made jeans again. Bringing back some of the master tailors that had worked there once before. You can either choose their organic denim jeans or their selvedge range, either way you know you're going to get a pair of jeans that are well made and come from an honest place.

4. Kuyichi

The pioneers of socially-responsible organic jeans. Who continue to lead the way in new innovative fashion manufacturing, including hemp and recycled plastic bottles. Here's how they sum up their mission and we couldn't agree more.

We believe sustainability isn’t just a trend. And it shouldn’t be the next generation’s job. We see it as our mission. Now and in the future. We’re convinced quality fashion should be created in a 100% sustainable and responsible way. And that we can look great and be good at the same time. Some people may call us idealists, we rather think of ourselves as realists. After all, the world we live in is real,the people we work with are real, and so are the choices we make.

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