A blend of Tai Chi, Meditation and Affirmations designed to bring more balance and focus into your life

When: 7am Saturday 10th Feb
Where: Marks Park, Tamarama
What to bring: Simply a beach towel or yoga mat
How Long: 40min
How much: $33

Bring a friend/s and receive a 20% discount (select 2 or more and enter FRIEND in Promo-code box at Checkout).

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A sequence of stretching and breathing exercises inspired from the ancient practise of Tai Chi to prepare the body and mind



A guided separation process starting at the feet and flowing right up to the crown of your head



Concentration of single mindedness on your primary natural sense; auditory, visual or touch



A series of affirmations designed to put you in an optimal state of mind


your guide - Luke Mcleod

Luke has been an active meditator for the past 10 years. Throughout his inward journey he has practised many different types of meditation of which lead him around the world from the remote Buddhist temples in far North India to the progressive open mindedness of Los Angeles. 

He developed Soul Flow as a type of meditation to blend all elements of the mind, body and spirit that people from all ages, cultures and level of meditation experience can practise.

His vision is to help as many people as possible live a more balanced and conscious life and looks forward to meeting you someday soon to share the practise of Soul Flow.

Limited Spots Available 

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